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5 Tips for Using Cloth Diaper Detergent

There are many reasons to go the old school way of using cloth diapers. Sure, store bought diapers are convenient in a pinch but they come at a cost, quite literally. If you’re not familiar with the idea, disposable diapers are generally made from synthetic materials and last for only one use. Cloth diapers are different because they are able to be washed, or an insert changed out. It’s worth it for many parents to save the ever increasing amount of money that disposable diapers cost as well as be environmentally friendly. Going the non traditional way with your diapering sounds like a total hassle, but in reality it’s very doable even for the busiest of parents. Here are a few tips and tricks if you decide to do this with your baby.

Cloth Diaper Detergent1. One question people new to the cloth diaper world ask is whether they should soak the soiled diapers until they wash them, or just leave them as-is until it’s time to run the wash (hopefully with our cloth diaper detergent). The one strategy you can use after changing your baby is to go ahead and rinse off the diaper but then put them in a dry pail. This is the ideal compromise between dealing with the smell of an unrinsed diaper and the mess of a soaking wet one.

2. If your cloth diapers get stains that you can’t get out after a wash routine with cloth diaper detergent, all hope is not lost. What most people would try is to wash with bleach. However, it damages the material and makes you have to replace your diapers more often. A surprisingly effective method is to leave your diapers out in the sun and let the rays bleach them for free! It’ll help brighten your whites, get the diapers clean, and even remove stains.

Cloth Diaper Detergent3. If you remember the old clothes lines that people would hang outside to dry their wet clothes on, you can copy that with cloth diapers. Even if you don’t have one we still have a trick for you. Get diapers with snaps on them and then connect them to each other end to end in a chain with no need for a clothes line!

4. Once in awhile you’ll need to get rid of any gross buildup. This can be accomplished by running your cloth diapers through 5 or more cycles using only hot water and no detergent. It’ll help the diapers regain their absorbency and remove any leftover residue from normal wash cycles with cloth diaper detergent.

5. An important part of taking care of your cloth diapers is to use a natural detergent. More than half of all laundry detergents and cleaning products have been found to contain chemicals dangerous to the lungs and a quarter have chemicals that can bring on asthma. Our Rockin’ Green detergent is perfectly safe for everyone, even babies. It contains none of the bad stuff like phosphates, optical whiteners, SLS/SLES, artificial fragrances, or parabens. Diapers are going to in direct contact with your baby for hours at a time, so it’s important to use a safe and natural cloth diaper detergent.

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