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Meet the New Guy: Active Wear Sports Spray

You’ve finally discovered how to conquer that lingering smell in your activewear. You know the one — the one that appears in a serious, stinky, sweaty way and never really leaves until it’s been properly ousted with Rockin’ Green Active Wear Detergent. (You’re welcome, by the way.) We love seeing all the ways customers are using their Active Wear Detergent — most obviously, on their activewear! But also on bed sheets, sneakers, undershirts, work uniforms and more.  

Rockin’ Green Active Wear detergent takes care of activewear and other odor-filled fabrics in a deep-clean soak or in a laundry cycle, and suddenly, the stink is no more! So if you love the results you’ve seen and smelled from washing clothes in Active Wear detergent, then we think you are going to love its newest partner in crime, Active Wear Sports Spray

Smelling fresh during and after a workout can be a reality. When you wash your activewear in Active Wear detergent, you’re setting yourself up for a fresh start to your workout, and now, Active Wear Sports pray is the companion you need to remain fresh after a super sweaty workout.

Active Wear Detergent and Sports Spray is the one-two punch that freshens sweaty active wear and accessories. Active Wear Sports Spray is an odor-neutralizer that refreshes items that can’t immediately be washed. Naturally scented with extra minty freshness and hints of eucalyptus, it’s the perfect solution for those things that need to smell fresh in a flash.

Here are 10 different funky things you can spray with Active Wear Sports Spray!  

Yoga mats

Gym bags



Boxing gloves

Lifting gloves

Gym equipment - seats, handles, etc.

Car seats


Foam Rollers


Show up. Get Sweaty. And freshen up with the one and only power duo that is Platinum Series Active Wear detergent and Active Wear Sports Spray

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