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How to Wash Your Face Mask Like a Pro

    Wearing masks and face coverings have become a part of our everyday life. While they’re great for keeping you and others protected from germs, if you aren’t properly washing them, you won’t be maximizing their benefit. 

    It’s recommended after each use to wash your reusable cloth mask or face covering to help keep it in tip-top shape and prevent the spread of germs and diseases. Here at Rockin’ Green, we’re proud to do our small part in keeping you safe. That’s why we’re sharing our process for properly washing your face mask!

    Rock a Soak for a Deeper Clean

    Psst. This method requires hand-washing the masks, so make sure to wash your hands prior to soaking!

    1. Fill your sink or basin with hot water and add 2-3 tbsp of Rockin’ Green’s Active Wear Detergent. Our detergents are all-natural, non-toxic, and safe for sensitive skin. That means no nasty chemicals filling the fabric and no worries of skin irritation!
    2. Place your masks in the water, and let them sit for 30 minutes to 1 hour, swirling them around occasionally.
    3. Drain the sink or basin and toss them into the washer on a rinse cycle without any added detergent.
    4. After, hang the masks to dry or throw them into the dryer.
    Machine Washing Guide
    1. Add 2-3 tbsp of Rockin’ Green’s Active Wear Detergent to the washing machine.
    2. Place the face masks into the washing machine. Remember: your face masks can be washed with other clothes to help conserve water and energy!
    3. Use the warmest water setting and start the wash cycle. 
    4. Dry the masks in the dryer or hang them to dry.


    Now you’re prepared with deep-cleaned face masks ready for their next use! Ready to tackle the rest of your wardrobe? Check out our laundry stripping guide!

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