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How to Throw a Green Baby Shower

A green-themed baby shower is the perfect way to teach your family and friends about the benefits of living a lifestyle that impacts the environment as little as possible. Try to make all the individual pieces of the party as green and organic as you can. When your guests ask about your food, favors, or theme, use the opportunity to explain how easy living green can be. Here’s how you can make your baby shower green:

Eco-Friendly Invitations

Skip the traditional invitations all together. A personal phone call works just fine, but if you want your guests to “have” something, send an electronic invitation. They don’t cost shipping and make waste. Use an e-invite service to create a PDF and email it to your guests. If you have some design skills, make invitations that match your theme and attach them or paste them into your emails.

Shower Favors

It’s important to provide your guests with a gift they won’t immediately discard. Avoid handing out trinkets or novelty gifts that are fun for just a few minutes. Give out useful items like candles or picture frames. Use mason jars with flowers as centerpieces and let your guests take them home. If you want to give out food, offer organic chocolate truffles, organic fruit medleys, trail mix, or granola. Add personalized notes on recycled paper for an extra touch.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

In the invitations (or your phone calls), ask your guests to skip traditional wrapping methods. Wrapping paper is beautiful, but it doesn’t decompose as well as simple brown paper, unless guests already have gift bags they could recycle. One person I know once tied her entire gift together with an organic baby blanket (also part of the gift). Many guests will ask where you are registered, so be sure to register with an organic boutique or only list environmentally friendly products. You can ask politely for organic products, but never demand; it’s poor etiquette.

Organic Menu

There are plenty of organic products available in our local markets these days. You shouldn’t have trouble coming up with a menu of solely eco-friendly foods. Create a tasty salad out of natural ingredients from a local farmers’ market. If you want the meal catered, make sure to relay your specifications to the caterer. Use cage-free eggs, organic sugar, and natural food coloring.

Green Baby Shower Games

Avoid playing games that require paper printouts or plastic game pieces that everyone will throw away at the end. Play guessing games that use a chalkboard or whiteboard in lieu of paper. A popular game at eco-conscious baby showers is one where you hide a baby item in a reusable bag. Have the player reach in and guess the item by touch only. Track the winning responses to determine the winner.

Hand out eco-friendly gifts like organic lotion, body wash, or natural wood picture frames. A fun activity is to give out planting seeds and have everyone start their own organic mini-garden.

Written by Kim Webb, CEO and Founder of Rockin’ Green Soap

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