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How to Start Working Out for Beginners

We begin resolutions to better ourselves in one way or another, but usually don’t stick to them long enough to turn them into habits. What if this year we all decided to stick to our resolutions, especially the one that involves movement and exercise, health and fitness? Because let’s be honest, that one always makes the list. We’re here to help you turn your fitness resolution into a habit with this step-by-step outline of how to start working out for beginners.

1. Make a Fitness Schedule and Set Realistic Goals

Start by creating a weekly workout plan that is founded on the basics and can build in difficulty over time. Resist the urge to push yourself too hard right when you start! This can result in burnout, or worse, a physical injury. There’s no set timeline for progress when it comes to fitness, so making sure to set goals that are perfect for you and your body is crucial to turning your resolution into a part of your lifestyle.

2. Put Nutrition First

Becoming more active is a great goal, but making changes to your nutrition habits will help make transitioning to a more active lifestyle easier! By fueling your body with the food and nutrients it needs, your body can better adapt to the change in energy levels that comes with a change in activity levels. You may even want to consider adding a pre-workout or post-workout supplement to your fitness routine!

3. Invest in Some Gear

While there’s no need to spend a ton of money on expensive gear, buying some essentials can be helpful. What gear you need depends on what kind of workout routine you have planned, but there are a few items that are usually required no matter what type of activity you’re partaking in! First and foremost, athletic shoes. This may seem like a no brainer, but when you begin working out consistently, finding a shoe that provides arch support specific to your foot can be a game changer. You might also want to consider investing in some moisture-wicking clothing. The more active you become, the more you’re going to sweat, and having workout clothes that are designed specifically to handle that sweat can make all the difference in your experience.

4. Test Out Different Workout Styles

The best workout is the one you’ll enjoy and be able to commit to. While it can seem overwhelming, the best way to figure this out is to test a bunch of different routine styles to see what works best for you. Maybe you’ll fall in love with cardio or maybe running is more your speed. Either way, finding the exercise that works best for you is an important step in making your routine last.

5. Listen to Your Body

Don’t push yourself too hard. You might’ve seen this really cool yoga pose online that you can’t wait to do or you might have super high goals set for yourself initially, but everything comes with time. Pushing your body too hard too fast can result in injuries and hinder potential progress. By taking your time with your fitness journey, you learn not only how to listen to and appreciate your body, but it also helps with habit building!


Sample Schedule

  • Sunday: Go for a brisk walk or jog for 30 minutes
  • Monday: Take a break
  • Tuesday: Try out a 45 minute online cardio workout
  • Wednesday: Take a break
  • Thursday: 45 minutes of a strength training routine
  • Friday: Take a break
  • Saturday: Break out the mat for 30 minutes of Power Yoga

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