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How to Remove Wine Stains from Clothes

Attention! This is not a drill. National Drink Wine Day is February 18. Now, we understand that you don’t need a special, silly holiday to indulge in your favorite vino, but having a frivolous excuse like this doesn’t hurt, either. So grab some wine-loving friends and celebrate! We love finding any and all reasons in life to celebrate!

But sometimes indulgences come with consequences — in this case, in the form of wine spills and wine stains. So if and when that happens, we are here to help. Follow these steps to get wine stains out of clothes — with the help of Rockin’ Green, of course. It may be eco-friendly and biodegradable laundry detergent, but it’s tough at getting out smells and stains. Cheers!

  1. Work as quickly as possible when you spill red wine on a blouse or your favorite pair of jeans. There is no time to waste in removing that bad boy!

  1. Search for the table salt and completely cover the wine spillage on a flat surface. The salt crystals should sit for about an hour, and will absorb most of the wine. Once an hour is up, brush aside the salt.

  1. Pull the section of the clothing with the spill over a large bowl. Pull it taut. This could require two people or simply a rubber band.

  1. Next, boil some water and slowly and carefully pour the boiled water over the spill/stain.

  1. Machine wash on the highest water temperature setting, with your favorite Rockin’ Green detergent!

  1. If the stain still remains, repeat the steps and wash again.


PRO- Tip: Be sure to not dry the clothes if the wine stain is still visible after washing — the heat from the dryer will further set the stain.

Whew… removing wine stains is a bit of an annoyance! But there is one other solution we have to offer… opt for white wine.

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