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How to Properly Wash Compression Gear

Compression gear has been around for decades, but has gained extreme popularity over the last few years — and for good reason. Not only do they promote blood flow, reduce swelling, and prevent injuries, compression items, like sleeves and leggings, can actually improve your athletic performance! But those new high-level workouts mean sweat, and lots of it. Compression gear is made of high-tech fibers that can trap those sweaty odors, even after their washed. So how can you clean them effectively without losing any of their performance capabilities? Lucky for you, we’ve got the answers.

Wash as Soon as Possible

After a long run or bike ride, the last thing you want to do is laundry. We get it. But the longer you let your compression items sit, the more likely they are to harbour and grow bacteria. Gym bags and laundry hampers, with their lack of air circulation, are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s best to wash any sweat-soaked items as soon as you can. At the very least, let your items air dry before tossing them in the hamper!

Choose the Right Detergent

You may think that any old detergent can get your compression gear clean, but that isn’t necessarily true. Choose a detergent that’s specifically designed to clean sportswear to ensure that those high-tech fibers are protected and the odors from your sweat are fully removed. Platinum Series Active Wear is made without harsh chemicals that can damage your gear’s elasticity and it’s formulated with enzymes that remove sweat and bacteria the first time.

Hand Wash

Compression gear is made of more delicate fibers than your everyday laundry. Washing machines — and their harsh agitation — can break down those fibers and reduce the elasticity. Hand washing (or soaking) your sleeves can prevent any damage to the gear, which can actually extend the life of your compression items!

Wash Inside Out

Think about it: during your workout, you get sweaty, and the inside of your compression gear absorbs all of that sweat to keep you cool and dry. By washing the items inside out, you allow the detergent to deep clean the fibers that need it the most. Plus, it can also protect the colors from bleeding. Who wants their neon orange compression shorts fading to a muted yellow?

Skip the Dryer

This goes for all activewear, but especially compression gear. Compression items are designed to have a unique fit, and the high heat in dryers can damage the fibers, leaving you with a loose, warped shape. Due to the weight of the wet fabric, hang drying your items can also stretch the fibers, leading to a less than perfect fit. To avoid any damage, it is best to lay your compression gear flat to dry.

No matter your workout of choice, compression sleeves can prevent blood clots and reduce recovery times. Now that you know how to properly clean these high tech fabrics, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving new workout highs!


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