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How to Keep Your Yoga Mat Funk Free

A lot of us have found ourselves working out from home right now, and there’s nothing worse than getting on your mat for your daily flow and sniffing a subtle hint of days-old sweat. It happens to the best of us. Especially since keeping our mats clean is often an afterthought. Lucky for you, we’ve got your new favorite workout buddy to make this process easy as spray, wipe, rinse. Our Active Wear Sports Spray will naturally clean and freshen up your yoga mat with eucalyptus and mint essential oils. Read on for our pro-tips for keeping your exercise mat funk free.

Why Should I Wipe Down My Yoga Mat?

Yoga mats absorb all the sweat, oil, and grime that they’re exposed to, which means they can easily become dirty, smelly, and even contaminated with germs. To avoid build-up and odor, maintaining a consistent cleaning routine can make or break your workout experience.

Did you know? The bacteria that are responsible for athlete’s foot and other infections like warts, are commonly found on yoga mats since they thrive in warm, dark, moist environments.

So, yeah, you might want to clean your mat ASAP.

Cleaning Your Mat

Spray your mat with our Active Wear Sports Spray then scrub it firmly with a microfiber cloth. Don’t scrub too hard though or you can damage the naturally sticky nature of your mat that helps with grip. Be sure to spray and scrub both sides of the mat. To finish, rinse off your mat with warm water and allow it to air dry.

Make sure to do this routine at least once a month, but try and get in the habit of making cleaning your mat part of your practice. Although the mat’s odor can be used as a sign of when it needs a wash, by the time it starts to stink, it has already absorbed a lot of sweat and dirt.Cleaning it once per month will ensure that your mat never gets too funky.

Why Active Wear Sports Spray?

Smelling fresh during and after a workout can be a reality. When you wash your activewear in Active Wear detergent, you’re setting yourself up for a fresh start to your workout, and now, Active Wear Sports Spray is the companion you need to remain fresh after a super sweaty workout.

Active Wear Sports Spray is an odor-neutralizer that refreshes items that can’t immediately be washed or put in the washing machine. Naturally scented with extra minty freshness and hints of eucalyptus, it’s the perfect solution for those things that need to smell fresh in a flash.

Ready to finally say goodbye to a funky mat forever? Grab a discounted 3-pack of our Active Wear Sports Spray.

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