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How to Do Laundry, For College Students

The college kids are going back to school and whether they’re heading to campus for the first time or heading into their sophomore, junior or senior year, they should definitely know the basics of doing their own laundry. You won’t be there for them when the loads pile up — this is top-notch knowledge that they don’t teach in college seminars (that I know of…) So feel free to forward this to any and all college students you know! They will thank you soon enough.

Start with the right detergent

With Rockin’ Green laundry detergent, you get more loads with less detergent — 90 loads to be exact. Just a scoop is all you need to clean an entire load of dirty laundry in an HE washer. And if dorm life is the life for you (or your college student) they won’t have to worry about lugging a huge container of laundry detergent to the dorm laundry room. One bag will have them covered for at least 45 loads!

Sort your laundry  

Sort clothes by darks, lights, whites, delicates and more sturdy fabrics (like jeans.) Depending on your fabrics, jeans and darks can go together, and whites, lights and delicates can sometimes be washed together. Use your own discretion here!

Pretreat stains or soak really stinky clothes, first

Have dingy, sweaty workout clothes that need a bit more attention? Soak them first with Rockin’ Green Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent to remove the grime and gunk. That’s the deep clean way. If you don’t have that much time, simply use Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent to wash your clothes. With a special, plant-based enzyme blend, it will work to wash hard-to-clean fabrics better than a normal detergent.  


Secure parts that can damage other clothes

Think ahead and secure things on your laundry that could do harm to other clothes. We are talking zippers, clasps, velcro, strings, sashes or abrasive details. For clothes with fashion details like sequins, turn them inside out before washing with other laundry.  Secure them the right way so everything comes out of the wash the way it is supposed to.

Choose the right settings (Psst - read the tags!)

More often than not, it’s wise to wash darks in cold water and whites in warm or hot water. But if none of your whites need hot water attention for stains, save a little energy and wash with cold. And always read the tags inside your clothes to know which type of care they specifically require.

This also applies to how you should dry your clothes. To dry or not to dry? To iron or not to iron? The tags make these decisions super easy!

Rockin’ Green makes laundry easier and more fun, too! Shop all our scents, including our bestseller Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent for your sweaty, workout clothes. And if you’re a parent, mentor, neighbor or big brother or sister of a college student, give them the practical gift of Rockin’ Green laundry detergent before move-in day!

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