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How to Clean White Canvas Sneakers

Whether you’re sporting a sundress or the classic jeans and tee duo, white sneakers are a staple in most closets. The downside? Learning how to clean them properly once the dinginess sets in (which is usually sooner rather than later).

Take a deep breath.

Restoring your shoes to their vibrant, bright white is easier than you think.

No need to run to the store or hop online and order a new pair. In case you haven't heard, Rockin’ Green laundry detergents clean more than just your typical laundry (and we even clean that better than whatever you're using right now). We find ways to clean all kinds of stuff with our plant-based, gentle and powerful formula. 

Your white canvas shoes aren't an exception. 

What You’ll Need:


Step 1: Whether you’re cleaning your dirty white sneakers in a bathtub, kitchen sink, bucket or bowl, fill your container of choice with warm water.

Step 2: Add one scoop (or tablespoon) of our Active Wear Detergent to the water and submerge your shoes in the mixture.

Step 3: Soak your shoes for 1 hour.

Step 4: Wet a toothbrush or soft cloth with your soapy water and gently scrub the dirtiest spots on your white sneakers.

Step 5: With no additional laundry detergent, run your sneakers through a rinse cycle in your washing machine using warm water.

Step 6: Remove your freshly cleaned white sneakers from the washing machine and find an appropriate place for them to air dry. NEVER put your wet sneakers in the dryer. The intense heat can ruin the rubber.

Pro Tip: If you want them to be the whitest they can be, allow them air dry in direct sunlight. The sun has bleaching abilities when it comes to fabrics, and can potentially whiten and brighten your sneakers even more.  

And voila! Your white shoes are bright again!

Who knew? The same refresh our Active Wear Detergent can give workout gear can also bring your dingy white sneakers back to life.


Note: This cleaning process has been conducted by our Rockin’ Green staff members on canvas sneakers only. We don’t particularly recommend cleaning white leather sneakers in the same way.

We Want to Know

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