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How to Actually Clean your Cycling Clothes

Isn’t it cool how different sports and different types of fitness require different clothing and uniforms? We consciously choose activewear based on how well it will help us perform, so shopping around and investing in high quality performance gear is beneficial and important.

Cycling aficionados know to choose cycling clothing that works just as hard as they do. Cycling kits often don’t come cheap, but their performance is worth forking out a little extra. But none of that matters if you aren’t properly caring for your cycling clothing. The washing machine can seriously damage cycling gear, and overtime sweat, dead skin and body oils build up in the high-tech fabrics making them reek each time you get dressed for another ride. So it certainly pays to take care of your cycling clothes; they’ll continue working hard for you and will smell great at the same time.  

Hand wash cycling clothing. 

Hand washing is often recommended for cycling jerseys, shorts, bib shorts, gloves, chamois pads and base layer clothing because it’s much gentler than any cycle in an actual washing machine. And although hand washing takes time, and seems like just another thing to add to a growing to-do list, we have an alternative option that's quite similar — soak cycling gear with Rockin’ Green Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent.

Two scoops of Active Wear detergent in a little bit of water will do all the work for you, pulling out set-in odors, dead skin, body oils and even stains, and ultimately removing that lingering stink. Afterward, rinse the cycling clothing thoroughly in cold water and air dry.

If you can’t hand wash, wash on delicate.

This is important, especially if you’re using a top loader with a center agitator. Clothing is basically rough-housed in order to get them super clean — and some fabrics can handle that well. Other fabrics, like your high performance activewear fabrics are rather delicate and need very gentle care. So if you’re in a pinch, or just don’t care to take the time to hand wash your gear, throw it in the wash, inside out, zippers, buttons and velcro secure, and set it to delicate.

Zip your zippers and turn inside out.

Hooks, buttons, fasteners, zippers and velcro can do some serious damage on the delicate fabrics of cycling clothing. Secure the zippers, buttons and hooks before turning your gear inside out and either washing in the washing machine or hand washing.

Air dry your cycling clothing. 

The dryer’s heat can also do damage to high performance fabrics, so always, always always hang dry your cycling clothing after washing — that is, if you want them to last for you!

Wash cycling clothing separately from other types of laundry.

Not only will washing your cycling gear separately prevent it from getting dingy, but it will prevent it from pilling, picking and getting worn down, too. Other types of laundry, especially jeans and items with zippers or velcro can damage your cycling clothes.  

Soak the chamois pad for a deep clean.

The chamois pad in cycling shorts can easily collect the most bacteria, and just because you can throw them in the wash with the rest of your cycling gear, doesn’t mean you should. Instead, soak it by itself in Rockin’ Green Platinum Series Active Wear detergent. It can be difficult to clean, and can even lose shape in the washing machine, so soaking it with a formula that pulls out all the bacteria and sweat is the best option. Rinse well afterward and air dry.

If you can’t wash them right away, do this.

If you can’t wash them right away, air dry and keep them smelling better than they deserve with Rockin’ Green Active Wear Sports Spray. Scented with natural mint and eucalyptus, Active Wear Sports Spray will hold your clothes over until you can properly remove the sweat and odor. Just don’t let them sit around wet!   

With Rockin’ Green Platinum Series Active Wear detergent, you can enjoy each and every ride with fresh, sweat-free, pleasant-smelling gear. Not only does Active Wear detergent remove every trace of evidence of a sweaty ride, but it takes care of the special high performance fabric so that your cycling clothing can last longer and work just as hard as you do.

Here's how all this breaks down: 


Before Rockin' Green: Cycling gear gets sweaty. You wash it with normal detergent. And you *think* it’s clean.

BUT you hop your bike and start sweating. Your gear emits an odor. Your cycling clothing actually isn’t clean.

After using Rockin’ Green Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent: Odor, sweat, bacteria is removed, as evidenced by the dingy water you can see after conducting a soak. You hop on your bike and start sweating. You smell NOTHING!

This is exactly what will happen when you wash your cycling gear with Rockin’ Green Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent. When you soak your cycling clothes, be sure to tag #ActiveWearChallenge so we can see your results!

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