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5 Tips for Softer, Fluffier Towels

Even after buying the softest towels we can find, they inevitably end up feeling flat and worn after a few months. The good news: it doesn’t have to be this way! Towels become stiff and scratchy when body oils and chemicals are left in their fibers after washing. More good news: your towels never have to reach that flat, worn-out stage. With these 5 tips, you can restore your existing towels to their softest, fluffiest selves AND prevent your new towels from ever needing that extra TLC.

1. Strip Your Laundry

Your towels are all stiff and scratchy because they aren’t actually clean. Body oils, soap, and even detergent residue could be hiding and building up inside of them. Luckily, simply stripping your towels can help get rid of all that funk and restore them to their former glory.

What You’ll Need: Rockin’ Green Funk Rock, warm water, and a tub

Not Sure How? Read our step-by-step guide for stripping your laundry!

“I bought this specifically to get rid of the funky odors in my bath towels. I had tried soaking them in hot water and vinegar with no luck. When it arrived, I washed all my towels and thank goodness no more wet musty dog-smelling towels! I can say that it really works and it was well worth the price (which kept me from buying it for a little while). If I never get a smelly towel to dry off with, it is truly worth it. I will definitely buy this again and have already highly recommended this to friends and family.” - Melissa

2. Skip the Fabric Softener

Fabric softeners actually coat towel fibers, which reduces their absorbency over time and leaves you with that stiff towel feeling. Plus, some ingredients in certain fabric softeners actually make your clothing water repellent which make it harder to get them clean!

3. Wash in HOT Water

Unlike most laundry, we recommend washing your towels on a longer cycle in hot water. This gives them a more thorough clean and makes sure there’s less residue hiding in their fibers. Additionally, warmer water absorbs detergent better, leaving less buildup on your towels.

4. Lighten Your Load

When you overload your washing machine, you’re actually affecting the rate at which your clothes can agitate during the wash cycle. In addition to detergent, the motion created in your washing machine (also called agitation) helps clean fabrics. When you put too many towels in your machine, less dirt is removed and there’s no room for it to properly drain out afterwards. 

For most standard machines, try two or three bath towels at a time, along with hand towels and washcloths.

5. Cut Back on Detergent

You should never use more than the recommended amount of detergent during a cycle. Too much detergent makes it almost impossible for it all to dissolve in the water and leaves you with soapy, stiff build up on your towels! 

Keep in mind, Rockin’ Green detergents are all super concentrated, so you need even less of them than you would use of your standard detergent. However, that also means our detergents last a lot longer than others!

Refresh Your Towel Game

Funk Rock, our 100% natural laundry pre-treatment, is unlike anything you have tried before. Just add 1 tbsp of Funk Rock to a pre-wash cycle to eliminate stinky build up and keep it from coming back, or use a couple of tablespoons in a deep cleaning soak as needed for an intense cleaning treatment.

Shop Funk Rock

“I was a skeptic because I had never heard of Rockin' Green before I saw a random ad. But they promised to get rid of the persistent smell in my workout gear (which had recently hit an all-time high) so I had to give them a try. WOW! It works! I soaked my clothes for an hour, just like they said, and they came out smelling unworn. It even worked on my hot yoga towel. Ladies, Gents - your workout clothing stinks, I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you. Get Rockin' Green and work out in peace knowing the person next to you can breathe with ease.” - Thomas


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