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4 Reasons Your Kids Should Be Helping with the Laundry

Besides doing the dishes, there’s few household chores with as bad of a rep as laundry. Washing clothes can be an all-day task, and it can feel like a never-ending cycle. You might feel like your kids are too young to help out with laundry, but with new technology it’s a streamlined process that even your small kids can get involved with in some way! 

Teaching your kids to do their own laundry can be a huge upgrade in your washing process and it’s got benefits for both them and you. Not completely sold? We’ve got 4 reasons your kids should be helping with laundry.

Getting Started

Before jumping right in, setting up some small processes beforehand can be super helpful. It’s super important to make sure everyone has their own laundry basket to be responsible for. This helps them gauge when it’s time to wash and allows them to take ownership over their laundry. 

A great way to dip their toes into the process is by having them help sort colors from whites or towels from clothes. This helps them associate some basic rules of laundry while acclimating to the new task. Another good intro task is having each child be responsible for taking their own clothes out of the dryer and folding them. Slowing ramping up the task until your child does their entire laundry routine on their own is super helpful as you both learn how to take on this new step. Now onto all the benefits!

1. Teaches Responsibility

Once you’ve got your little ones helping out with their own laundry, there’s no more worrying about if they have clean clothes to wear. This teaches them to be responsible for their own belongings and makes sure they keep track of when things need to be cleaned! Not only is knowing how to do their own laundry a crucial life skill, learning to take responsibility for their things is as well.

2. Gives a Sense of Accomplishment and Ownership

In the same way getting your driver's license at 16 can create a sense of independence, teaching your kids to do chores early on that pertain to their personal space and belongings can do the same. Being able to do jobs usually done by adults can make doing laundry exciting for kids! They develop a sense of accomplishment and ownership over their things and their laundry that can create confidence outside of the laundry room.

3. It’s Easy

Most washing machines and dryers today are preprogrammed to make laundry as simple as possible. Laundry day is pretty straight-forward with a simple 1-2 push of buttons. 

Plus, with a detergent like Rockin’ Green, no measuring is required! You child simply has to put a scoop in with the clothes, and it’s good to go. No more worrying about how much detergent per load size!

4. More Free Time for You

Let’s face it, there’s something in it for you too. Once your kids have the laundry routine down, it gives you a little time to relax (or get a head start on something else that you need to get done). Getting the other members of your family involved in the laundry helps lift a load off of you as a parent and elevate your kids in the process.

Take the final step, and add one of Rockin’ Green’s Everyday Detergents to your ensemble!

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