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3 Easy Weekend Home Projects

We’ve all been spending more time at home lately. Make the most of this time by sprucing up your home or taking on some of those touch-ups you’ve been brushing to the side. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got 3 easy home projects you can complete over the weekend!


Create an Inviting Entrance

Home is where the heart is, and there’s nothing more heart-warming than driving up to your house and seeing your front door. Whether home is a house or an apartment, decorating outside your front door or around your porch can be a great way to brighten your home and create a welcoming entryway.

A super easy way to liven up your outdoor space is placing plants (real or fake) by your front door! Which plants you choose all depends on the weather and climate of your specific area, but opting for bright flowers like hydrangeas or marigolds can really bring color to our home. If you’re more of a minimalist kind of person, choosing greenery like ferns might also be an option!

Something to Consider: While not an option for every living situation, painting your front door a nice accent color can also be an easy way to freshen up your front porch.

Organize Your Pantry

A disorganized home can feel cluttered and worn-out. One of the easiest places to collect clutter? The kitchen pantry. Find a container style you like and invest in a few different sizes to modernize your pantry space. Removing the contrasting colors of different food containers can give your pantry a fresh, new look.

To start, remove everything from the pantry, tossing any items that are old or expired. Decant loose food staples such as dried pastas and cereals into larger containers. Items that are harder to repackage, like canned soup, can be grouped together or put into baskets to follow whichever theme you’ve decided on. 

Pro Tip: Consider adding decorative labels to shelves and containers!


Break Out the Paint

Like we mentioned above, front doors can be painted for accent or aesthetics. However, when it comes to interior doors, you might be more reluctant to add color. Taking a chance and adding a bright hue to your favorite room can revive it! 

Create Focal Points: Try painting your pantry door in the kitchen to highlight all the hard work you’ve done to organize it! 

If you live in a rented space or aren’t ready to make the leap to doors, revamp smaller furniture items that you’ve grown tired of. Painting a desk or side table a new color can bring new life to the piece and change the entire atmosphere of the room.


If you’re looking for more home improvement ideas, try upgrading your laundry room with these 7 organization tips!

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