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How to Remove Game day Stains from their Uniforms

Posted by Kristen Creed on

Ah, football season is back and there’s nothing quite like it. Lazy Sundays watching your favorite NFL team, tailgating at your alma-mater, Friday nights cheering on your little all-star, and... trying to get grass stains from their uniforms. Sound familiar? Here’s the solution to keeping those uniforms clean and ready for each and every game day.

  • Begin the stain-removing process as soon as possible. The quicker you tend to the stain, the more likely you are to completely remove it. So, beckon that uniform as soon as they walk through the door after each practice and game. 
  • Rinse off loose mud, dirt or grass in the sink or even with a water hose if the game aftermath is more intense.
  • Presoak the grass-stained uniform, because presoak is key! Fill the sink or a bucket with enough cold water to fully submerge fabric. Add in a couple tablespoons of Rockin’ Green Funk Rock Pre-Soak detergent, and let it hang out for an hour or so. Soak longer, or even overnight for deep set stains. Adding a cup of baking soda can aid in the process too, and it’s even known to remove yucky odors.
  • After soaking, wash the uniform by itself as normal in cold water. Hot water can break down materials in fabric, as can harsh detergents. Reach for Rockin’ Green Platinum Series Athletic Wear detergent to keep the kiddos’ uniforms (and your cute workout gear, too!) in tip-top shape. It’s a new detergent of ours with added surfactants that eliminate strong smells and stains without compromising the quality and life of your athletic gear.
  • After the wash cycle, air dry the uniform. If any part of the stain is still there, heat from the dryer will only further set the stain — maybe even permanently. If any of the stain remains, repeat all steps again.  

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