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Rockin' Green Athletic Wear Sample Kit - Rockin' Green

Rockin' Green Athletic Wear Sample Kit

Wanna see just how great our athletic gear products work for your active wear?  Go ahead and give them a try!  This sample kit includes a coupon for $5.95 on your next order of $25 or more - so now it's like getting your samples for free! Each kit comes with a 2oz. Athletic Wash sample and a 2oz. Funk Rock sample.  This will allow you to do a few washes with your athletic gear, workout clothes, and even work uniforms so you can see what a difference these products will make.  And remember, for front loaders use only 1 TBS (4 loads / pack) and for top loaders use 2 TBS (2 loads / pack).  What are you waiting for, give it a try! 

**Note: there is a max of 2 sample kits of each type available for purchase at one time. If you have any questions about washing specific or specialized gear, email us anytime!

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