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Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent Sample Kit

Not too sure which Rockin' Green detergent will work best for you?  Try one of each!  This sample kit includes a coupon for $5.95 on your next order of $25 or more - so now it's like getting your samples for free! Each kit includes a 2oz. Classic Rock unscented sample, a 2oz. Hard Rock unscented sample, and a water hardness testing strip.  This will allow you to test out your water at home and then have a sample of each formula on hand to try.  And remember, for front loaders use only 1 TBS (4 loads / pack) and for top loaders use 2 TBS (2 loads / pack).  What are you waiting for, give it a try! 

**Note: there is a max of 2 sample kits of each type available for purchase at one time.  If you have any questions about your water test results, or just aren't too sure about which product is right for you, email us anytime!

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