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I thought my expensive gym clothes were clean. I was wrong.

Hey guys! It's me, Shannon.
(Marketing Associate here at Rockin' Green and sender of our weekly emails.)

Here's how it went:Let me start by asking you to please not judge my appearance in the above photo. I had just finished a workout and decided I wanted to try our new Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent. We hadn't launched the product yet, and I really wanted to try it for myself before promoting it.Have you ever gone to the gym in your freshly washed active wear and about 5 minutes into your sweat session you began to question your personal hygiene practices because you already smelled stinky?

If so, I have good news for you, kinda. It's not you, it's your active wear. Our biological residues (AKA all the nasties in our sweat) stick to the fabric in our workout clothes and even the strongest detergents, if not formulated to do so, won't wash those residues out of the high-tech, complex fibers you often find in activewear. 

Even the active wear we think is fresh and clean will start to smell the SECOND you start to sweat in them again. The ammonia in our sweat activates the stench in those nasty leftover residues (yuck) and no amount of chemical-heavy detergent and linen-fresh dryer sheets can keep you from stinking up the cardio section of your gym.

Enter, Active Wear Detergent.

This detergent is pumped up with a special enzyme blend that's formulated to break down the biological residues that stick to your high-tech fibers WITHOUT damaging them. That's right, your Lulu yoga pants are safe. The best part? It's still all-natural, biodegradable, plant-derived, gray water and septic safe, and great for all water types!  

So, I emptied my workout clothing drawer and filled my kitchen sink with warm water and 2 scoops of Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent. I would have used 3, but these clothes were already clean. I let my gear soak for 30 minutes and when I walked into my kitchen to drain the water, I was mortified. 

I immediately sent this photo out to my team and also begged them not to look at me differently at work the next day. I mean, these clothes were CLEAN! I didn't trudge through the mud in them and they didn't smell when I took them out of my drawer. The Active Wear Detergent pulled so much yuckiness out of them that it turned my sink water brown. 

After the soak, I threw them in my washing machine and added 1 scoop of the detergent. After pulling them out of the dryer, they were fresher than ever. In fact, after wearing these during my next few workouts, I felt like I could wear them again without washing them. (I didn't.) I had no idea how dirty my CLEAN active wear was until I got all the gunk out with our Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent. Now, like with the rest of our products, I fully stand behind this incredible magical detergent that is our Platinum Series Active Wear. 


If you workout on the reg but also love to wear your workout clothes out and about even when you have no intention on increasing your heart rate.... I have 3 words for you: GET THIS DETERGENT.