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Cloth Diaper Mystery Starter Pack

Cloth Diaper Mystery Starter Pack

Thinking about jumping into the world of cloth diapers or simply know a crunchy friend who might be interested? Check out our amazing Cloth Diaper Mystery Starter Pack! Perfect for those who dabble but have not yet committed, we have partnered with CuteyBaby, one of the nation's top cloth diaper manufacturers to put together a starter pack that's unlike any other! Each bundle includes our best-selling Unscented Classic Rock Laundry Detergent, two adorable CuteyBaby all-in-one cloth diapers, one pack of disposable CuteyBaby diaper liners, and one CuteyBaby zippered wet bag! Where is the mystery? You won't know which adorable diaper print you are going to get! This incredible package is a steal for only $57.95.


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