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Win $1000 in Smells Like Team Spirit Contest

Would your sports team like to win $1000 for uniforms, equipment, travel or other team expenses?

Well of course you would! Rockin’ Green is giving you the chance to gather all your family and friends together to help you win our Smells Like Team Spirit contest to celebrate our brand new Athletic Wear Detergent.

Rockin’ Green Athletic Wear Detergent is perfect for apparel used in cycling and running as well as team uniforms and workout gear for football, soccer, hockey, gymnastics and martial arts. It’s safe for all types of garments, and works great on synthetics and microfiber. It unlocks the smelly sweat, dirt and odor from your “wicking” fabrics and leaves them fresh and clean. That means a drier and more comfortable workout experience from your clothes.

Are you in a baseball, soccer, rugby, gymnastics, roller derby, dance, martial arts, or really most any type of sports team?

It’s easy to enter. Just follow the link to the Rockin’ Green Facebook Page and complete the form to register for Round 1, upload a picture of your team, and once you are approved your fans will have the chance to vote for you. The teams with the Top 10 highest number of votes will move onto Round 2. Then, you will make a video showing your Team Spirit and voting will begin again. The Top 3 teams from Round 2 will be our finalists and the winner will be chosen by the staff here at Rockin’ Green.


Feb 10th – 17th: Registration open all all teams

Feb 18th – 24th: Round 1 Voting

Feb 25th: Top 10 Announced

Mar 11th – 21th: Round 2 Voting

Mar 24th: Final 3 Announced

Mar 25th: Winner of the Smells Like Team Spirit contest Announced


**Please note: this contest is open US residents who are 18 years and older. Amateur, non-profit sports teams will be recognized in accordance with IRS Manual 7.25.26 and are responsible for reporting any winnings according to their status. Those teams registering that do not fall into this section or are considered as a separate business entity, the registering individual will be responsible and will be liable for any and all taxable income requirements set by their state and federal government. Teams that include minors, must have an adult representative as registrar for the contest, and must obtain written permission from all parents or legal guardians to have images of their team members displayed online for the specific means of this contest prior to registration and uploading of their team photo. Written documentation of photo release may be required prior to approval of submission. Please be sure to read the full contest rules at the link below. **


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