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What’s in Rockin’ Green?

If you look on the back of your non-eco-friendly detergent, you’ll see a list of chemicals. Many will have names you won’t understand. You’ll probably see “fragrance” listed as well, which is a broad category of chemicals that manufactures don’t have to disclose because they are propriety. Basically, they don’t have to tell us about anything that they claim contributes to the smell.

But not Rockin’ Green. Our formulas are simple and effective. We use natural ingredients designed to clean without harming you or your family. Check out our infographic that breaks down what substances you’ll find in Rockin’ Green.

What's in Rockin' Green

eco-friendly green laundry detergentWritten by Kim Webb, CEO and Founder of Rockin’ Green Soap

Finally it’s cool to be GREEN! Rockin’ Green is made for families that care about taking care of themselves and the Earth. As a mom Kim was fed up with the empty promises of “green” cleaning products that were not delivering what they promised… So she invented Rockin’ Green! We can all do our part for the environment while doing something good for ourselves. All of our organic cleaning products are biodegradable, and gluten and vegan friendly. They don’t contain phosphates, SLS, Parabens, or optical brighteners. All of our packaging is made from recycled materials.

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