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Turkey Trotting into November

The countdown to Thanksgiving is on! Only a few days left until we’ll be giving thanks and stuffing our faces with turkey and mashed potatoes. Many families have their own traditions for the holiday, but one tradition dates back almost as far as the Thanksgiving meal itself. Well, not quite, but it’s still 122 years old!

The first known Turkey Trot took place in Buffalo, New York in 1896. Sponsored by the local YMCA, the race had a whopping six participants, only four of which actually crossed the finish line. The winner averaged a 6 minute mile pace — not bad for a race without fancy running shoes! The Turkey Trot continued each year from 1896 on, making it the oldest continuous footrace in the United States. How’s that for a Thanksgiving tradition?

Over the years, the annual Thanksgiving race has stayed the same, but our running gear has gotten far more complex. From dry fit shirts and compression shorts to calf sleeves, the items we wear while we exercise have become more advanced, high tech, and — let’s be honest – stinky. That’s where Platinum Series Active Wear comes in.

After everyone is done turkey trotting and turkey eating, gather the family and do a soak with Rockin’ Green Active Wear detergent! Why not make laundry a group activity? You can even make it a competition to see whose clothes were the grossest. Nothing says family bonding like a healthy competition! Check out some examples of soaks below!

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Trotting!

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