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Tips for Dealing With a Hyperactive Toddler

Posted by Bill DAlessandro on

Your child has reached that age where they cannot sit still. They run around the room hundred times to each of yours. If your toddler has more energy than you know how to deal with you are probably feeling pretty exhausted right now. Don’t worry! There are ways to cope. Here are five tips for dealing with a hyperactive toddler:

1. Be active in the mornings.

If you take your mornings easy, your nights are going to be miserable. Try doing something active every morning with your toddler. This will get a lot of their energy out, and they won’t be bouncing off the walls come bed time. If he/she still takes a mid-day nap, bring on the excitement right after the nap to mellow him/her out again.

Helpful tip: Now that’s it has become warmer, a quick trip outside when your kids are especially hyper, along with a sudden, fast-paced game of tag will burn off that energy. Don’t get them a moment’s rest until they have calmed down.

2. Feed them calming foods

Certain foods are known to calm people down, so if you have a hyperactive toddler, try feeding them some. Fresh veggies, low –fat yogurt, nuts, fresh fruit, whole grain crackers, reduced-fat cheese and healthy cereals are all good foods to feed your hyper toddler.

3. Have strict bed times

If you allow your toddler to stay up late, it’s going to affect them the next day. Enforce a strict, early bed time for your toddler and they will feel less hyper the next day. A tired child will be a wired child! Even if they still have loads of energy, that energy will be contained to the normal hours of the day when we’re all awake, instead of super-early mornings or late nights.

4. Avoid sugar and caffeine

If you know that your toddler is hyperactive, avoid giving them anything that has a lot of sugar or caffeine in it. Part of the reason that they are acting hyper could be because you feed them too many sugar filled foods that their bodies burn for energy.  Juices are high in sugar, and should be replaced with water in most instances.

5. Don’t lose it

It can be easy to lose it with your children, especially if they won’t stop running around. Try your best not to get hysterical when your child is being hyper.  It’s not his/her fault they have so much energy, and they can’t quietly handle it like we can. Handle the situation calmly and don’t let your child see you overreact.

Written by Kim Webb, CEO and Founder of Rockin’ Green Soap

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Photo Credit: storyvillegirl via Compfight cc

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