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The 5 Top Family Road Trip Essentials

Car trips can be arduous and stressful if you don’t handle the properly. The trick is to do everything in your power to make them as painless and comfortable as possible. You can accomplish this by bringing with you some essential car ride items for families with kids. Here’s our list of the most important items to bring along.

1. Booster Seat Headrest by Cardiff Products ($49.99)

Sometimes the only way to make it through a long car trip is to sleep! This is especially true for children who are easily bored. But when they fall asleep in their booster seats, their head tends to roll back and forth. This makes it hard to sleep soundly and can be quite strenuous on the child sleeping. The booster seat headrest provides lateral support to keep a child’s head and body upright; comfortably aligned in the seat as they sleep.

2. GoGo Pillow ($19.95)

Many kids (hey, parents too!) won’t leave home without their tablet. The GoGo Pillow is a flexible and convenient way to use your tablet in the car. Unlike most lap pads, this pillow conforms to pretty much any shape, so your or your child can watch movies or play games in any position. It can also be strapped to the back of the seat for hands-off viewing, which is perfect when several eyes want to watch the same screen.

3. ZizzyBee Bags ($15.99 to $19.99)


Traveling means you’re bringing a whole lot of items with you. You will need a way to contain and organize those items so they stay neat, but accessible. ZizzyBee Bags are eco-friendly see-through mesh bags that can store anything. You can see inside, which helps finding the items you seek without emptying the bags’ contents. They’re perfect for hauling personal items, travel information, car ride games and toys, maps, or snacks and drinks.

4. PullyPalz ($24.99)


If you have a baby (or spent any time with one), you know often you play the pacifier game: baby throws the pacifier, you retrieve it, wash it, and give it back, only to play the game over again. You can avoid this in the car by using a pacifier retriever toy. PullyPalz is a cute toy that affixes to all types of surfaces. Two pacifiers on a string, wound around a pulley makes sure one pacifier is always in view when baby throws the other.

5. Zippyz by Little Trendyz ($26.99 to $27.99)


Long car trips with babies can be a pain because of how often you have to change diapers. You can’t change diapers on the road because it isn’t safe to remove them from the car seat, but pulling off the road can add time to your journey. The trick is to use a footed pajama with zippered bottoms like Zippyz. They allow you to quickly change a diaper so you can get back on the road. Even more, they keep baby warm and snuggly up top so he/she doesn’t get to cold during the change.

Guest blog by Jason Arriola, President of Cardiff Products

Jason is a father of twin boys, husband, and the inventor of the revolutionary Booster Seat Headrest, an innovative headrest for children to sleep comfortably while in the car. The first of its kind, the Booster Seat Headrest features a flexible design that allows for 14 fully adjustable settings to meet the height and comfort needs of users of all sizes. When not in use, it simply flips up for stowage completely out of the way. The padded arms of the headrest feature soft, padded fabric sleeves which are also removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. In addition they offer themed fabric prints allowing you to personalize your headrest to suit your style. Once you see your child sleeping comfortably in the car, you won’t believe you ever drove a mile without the Booster Seat Headrest!

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