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Things Every Parent Should Tell ThemselvesParenting is a weird mix of frustration and delight, fear and joy. You’ll deal with tantrums, arguments, and injuries. But there’s also lots of hugs and smiles. When times are tough, sometimes you need to close your eyes and repeat some mantras to refocus yourself on the positive.

1. “I am enough.”

There’s a tendency for parents to feel like they aren’t good enough for their kids. They don’t spend enough time with them, provide enough things or give them the best home. But all you can do is your … Read more

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teach kids about boundariesA “boundary” is, essentially, a line you draw where you end and your child begins. Through the first years of your child’s life, you allow him into every aspect of yours. They’re with you when you change your clothes or in the bathroom, they dictate your schedule, and expect you solve all of their problems immediately. It’s not their fault; they aren’t being selfish. They’ve just come to expect that sort of arrangement. As they get older, however, it’s important to create some space so they learn to be well … Read more

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dealing with nightmaresSleep troubles plague all age groups, but we tend to have the biggest issues with our kids. Whether they’re having trouble falling asleep or the fear of having a nightmare is keeping them awake, there are plenty of ways to help soothe this burden.  Check out these tips to help with your child’s sleep issues:

Consistent Bedtime Routine

Promoting a consistent bedtime routine for your child will help ease them to sleep gradually as they go through various steps. Doing specific activities before bed, like reading a book, brushing their … Read more

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tummy time tipsYour baby is most comfortable on her stomach because that is how she has spent a majority of her life. Tummy time is unfamiliar and physically tough because all those muscles haven’t been worked out enough to give her any range or motion. She may even feel abandoned in that position because she can’t move her head to see around. However. the reasons your baby is uncomfortable are the reasons she needs the practice. She’ll use tummy time to learn how to roll over, crawl, stand up, cruise, and walk. … Read more

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potty learning tipsToilet learning is a big part of growing up. Your little one is beginning to control of his own body and take some care of himself. Not to mention that it means diaper changing days are coming to a close! Unfortunately, it also causes some tension in some families and it’s not always an easy task. Here are some tips to help.

1. Get the timing right.

Using the potty is a big lifestyle change. That means your kid has to want to use the potty. If you feel like … Read more

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prepare toddler for big kid bedIt may seem like just yesterday you were rocking your little one to sleep in your arms, but now they’re ready for a big bed of their own. It’s incredible how quickly time passes and our children grow up. For some kids, the switch to a bed can be tricky and uncomfortable. Here are some tips to ease the transition.

1. Stick to your routine.

It is really important that you stick to your normal bedtime routine with your child. Even though this is a new stage of their life, … Read more

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teach children to be eco-friendlyOften it’s tough to explain abstract concepts to young children. You can tell them what to do, but it’s hard to make them see the why. When it comes to living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, you’ll need to explain to your children why it’s important. Once they understand why we’re working to protect our planet, you can start with the what and how. Here are some fun ways to teach your children how to live eco-friendly.

Plant a garden

One of the best ways to teach is to show. Take a … Read more

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life lessons from sportsI’m a fan of letting kids participate in sports. Actually, I’m a fan of everyone participating in sports. Whether you play on softball team, golf with your friends, or study (my favorite) the martial arts, I think participating in sports is a part of a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of sports go beyond the physical. While your kids are working out their bodies and socializing with their peers, they’re also learning some valuable life skills. Here are three.

Overcoming Adversity

Sports are just a series of challenges your children will … Read more

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benefits of team sportsTeam sports are great for kids. I can remember playing sports when I was younger and I loved it! It kept me healthy and I felt like I was a part of something cool. Besides making a ton of friends, there are also a lot of other benefits for kids being on a team sport. Next time your child asks if they can join the soccer or baseball team, say yes. Here’s how kids can benefit from playing team sports:

How to get along with others

A lot of times … Read more

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how to give children an allowanceFor many kids, earning an allowance can be a big deal. An allowance helps kids learn decision-making skills and teaches them the value of money. You can use a modest allowance to incentive your kids to help around the house and make them feel rewarded for a job well done. Here are some smart tips for doling out an allowance.

1. Help Children Manage School and Chores

Schoolwork and housework are both important in developing time management skills. Nowadays kids can have many extracurricular activities that need to be balanced. … Read more

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