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importance of dress up playThe importance of play is sometimes underestimated for young children. Play is not only beneficial in terms of allowing your child to have fun by themselves and with others, but it also provides many developmental skills for their growth. When kids play dress-up, they are receiving these benefits as well, but in a very unique and different form. The importance and benefits of playing dress-up are as follows:

Dexterity and Strength

When a child plays dress-up, they are virtually becoming another little person for a short period of time. In … Read more

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life lessons from sportsI’m a fan of letting kids participate in sports. Actually, I’m a fan of everyone participating in sports. Whether you play on softball team, golf with your friends, or study (my favorite) the martial arts, I think participating in sports is a part of a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of sports go beyond the physical. While your kids are working out their bodies and socializing with their peers, they’re also learning some valuable life skills. Here are three.

Overcoming Adversity

Sports are just a series of challenges your children will … Read more

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benefits of team sportsTeam sports are great for kids. I can remember playing sports when I was younger and I loved it! It kept me healthy and I felt like I was a part of something cool. Besides making a ton of friends, there are also a lot of other benefits for kids being on a team sport. Next time your child asks if they can join the soccer or baseball team, say yes. Here’s how kids can benefit from playing team sports:

How to get along with others

A lot of times … Read more

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fun summer activities for kidsFinally it’s nice enough to take the kids outside! It can be hard to choose which fun activities to do during the summer because there are so many to choose from. You want to keep your kids busy so they stay active and don’t sit around bored. Get them outside with some of these fun, outdoor, summertime activities.

1. Frisbee tic-tac-toe

Get creative and play Frisbee tic-tac-toe. This is a fun, unique game to play with the kids. On your driveway, draw a tic-tac-toe board with chalk. Then have each … Read more

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water safety tipsSince it’s officially summer, you’ll want to start spending some time in the water. On a hot day, your kids will love the idea of swimming. After all, who doesn’t love the beach or pool? Even though splashing and diving are a lot of fun, they can also be dangerous. It’s important you mind your children carefully when they are near water. To ensure everyone has fun, use these tips:

1) Buddy Swim

Another swimming safety tip you should teach your children is to always swim with a buddy. It … Read more

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