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Importance of Clean LivingRecycling, reusing and reducing are a huge part of living green, but a healthy body starts within. Childhood is without a doubt, the best time to instill the values of healthy living in our children. So how do you encourage them to practice a healthy lifestyle early? Here are some tips that can hopefully set the tone for a healthy lifestyle that carries into adulthood.

1. Remind them to unplug

Generation Y is absolutely in love with their tablets, cell phones, computers and everything in between. Remind them not leave … Read more

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keep kids active during the school yearStaying active is important for our children’s developing bodies. Not only do they need to burn off all the sugary foods in our diet, but they need to build strong habits that stick with them for the rest of their lives. Just because their minds are getting worked out in school doesn’t mean they can slack on exercising their bodies. Here are some ways you can keep your kids active during the school year.

1. Sign them up for a sports league.

Many schools take part in their own inter-school … Read more

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life lessons from sportsI’m a fan of letting kids participate in sports. Actually, I’m a fan of everyone participating in sports. Whether you play on softball team, golf with your friends, or study (my favorite) the martial arts, I think participating in sports is a part of a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of sports go beyond the physical. While your kids are working out their bodies and socializing with their peers, they’re also learning some valuable life skills. Here are three.

Overcoming Adversity

Sports are just a series of challenges your children will … Read more

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benefits of team sportsTeam sports are great for kids. I can remember playing sports when I was younger and I loved it! It kept me healthy and I felt like I was a part of something cool. Besides making a ton of friends, there are also a lot of other benefits for kids being on a team sport. Next time your child asks if they can join the soccer or baseball team, say yes. Here’s how kids can benefit from playing team sports:

How to get along with others

A lot of times … Read more

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benefits of martial arts for kidsThe martial arts are a time-honored discipline that is practiced all over the world. Most cultures have a form or variation that they have adapted to their own needs. Each style has its own set of advantages, but there is one thing they all have in common: they are great for kids. If you have a child who needs the social interaction, physical activity, or just something to pass the time, sign him or her up for a martial arts class. Here are the benefits:

1. Self-Discipline

One of the … Read more

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