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9 Effective Habits to Keep a Tidy Home

Keeping a tidy home isn’t just nicer to look at it – it’s better for our health. It’s hygienic and our minds feel clearer when we live in an organized space. However, no one likes to spend their weekends cleaning up. It’s better to keep your home clean as you go. Here are some habits of people who have all-around clean homes.

1. Put your clothes away – Clothes are probably a category of items you have the most of. Don’t throw them on the floor or your bed or … Read more

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gluten-free thanksgiving foodWhen the holiday of Thanksgiving comes along, the main thought on everyone’s mind is the massive amount of food. For those who prefer a gluten-free lifestyle, this holiday dinner could pose quite an issue when trying to find the right choices to eat. Luckily we’ve found some delicious gluten-free thanksgiving treats for you to try this Thanksgiving. Here are some suggestions:

Turkey with Cranberry Sauce

Turkey and cranberry sauce is a perfect combination for almost any time of the year, but it’s most well known for its reputation as a … Read more

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teach kids to eat healthyTeaching good eating habits is a struggle these days. Kids are constantly tempted by TV commercials and clever packaging. Unhealthy foods are readily available outside the home, so it’s tough to keep tabs on everything your kid consumes. However, we have to do our best, because the eating habits we instill in our kids at a young age will stick them for life. Here’s how you can teach your kids to eat healthy.

1. Keep a positive attitude.

Kids (or anyone, for that matter) don’t like to hear what they … Read more

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