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Sweet Arts and Crafts Projects That Parents Will Cherish

Posted by Bill DAlessandro on

There’s nothing more special than receiving a handmade project from your child. Seeing the love they put into something so special hanging on the fridge every day is a great feeling for a parent. Years from now, when your kids are headed off to college, you will be happy you kept all of their arts and crafts projects in a box in the basement. When they are off beginning their new life, you will still have the memories of when they were young to cherish. Here are four sweet arts and crafts projects for you to cherish now and later:

1)  Macaroni Framed Picture

What says love more than a family pictured framed in a handmade frame? All you need for this fun little project is a few Popsicle sticks, glue, macaroni and paint. After you glue the frame together for your child, let them paint the macaroni pieces and glue them to the frame. Once they are done pick a nice family photo to put in the frame. You will love coming home and seeing what your child created among your other family pictures!

2) Stamp Pad and Eraser Art

One art project your child will have so much fun doing is a stamp pad and eraser craft. What you will need for this project is a stamp pad, paper and a pencil.  On a sheet of paper, outline a shape of your child’s choice. Use the eraser end of the pencil and press it into the stamp pad and then put the end of the eraser down on the paper, within the lines of the shape. We suggest you choose a heart! Once your child is done creating their masterpiece, cut out the shape and hang it on the fridge! What says I love you mom, more than a heart full of color!

3) Snowflakes

Making snowflakes with the kids is easy, fun and looks awesome all hung up after. This activity is good for the winter time, or around the holidays, but you can easily swap out a snowflake for a beach ball in the summer. Pick up a bunch of construction paper at the store and you’re ready to get cutting, it’s that simple! The kids will think their rooms look awesome with all the decorations they made hanging.

4) Painted Daisy’s

Although this arts and crafts project won’t be around too long, you will cherish it while the flowers are still alive. For this project, buy a bunch of daisies from the store and a few different liquid water colors. At home, put each water color in a different cup and then add one daisy per cup. Watch your kid’s faces turn in amazement as the flowers change from white to red (or whatever colors you used!) It takes about an hour for the flowers to change, but once they do you will have a lovely reminder of your cute kids every time you look at the flowers.

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