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Spring Activities to Spend Time With Your Family

Spring is such a wonderful time of year. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, trees and flowers are blossoming, winter coats are put away, and summer is within reach. There are so many ways to enjoy springtime with the entire family. Teach your kids about nature while enjoying the sun and celebrate Earth Day by caring for your environment. Go on a fun trip or hang out in the backyard doing some family activities. Check out these 10 ways to have fun with your family this spring.

1. Visit a farmers market 

Spring is a great time to visit a farmers market with your family. You get to enjoy fresh, locally grown food that tastes better and is good for you. Buying local food also helps to support your local economy and supports eco-friendly farming practices. When you buy food from a farmers market you’re able to ask questions about where the food comes from, how it was grown, the best ways to cook it and more.

2. Have a picnic in the park

Going to the park in the spring is a relaxing way to enjoy the nice weather outdoors and get some fresh air. Make it even more fun by inviting the whole family to help make sandwiches and snacks to put in a basket and take with you for a picnic. Bring along a large blanket or even a padded play mat for kids to lie on the grass. Along with your healthy snacks, your family will enjoy playing a few games so bring some cards, a board game, a frisbee, glove and mitt or other fun outdoor activities. Enjoy, soak up the sun, listen to the birds chirp and have some good old-fashioned fun with the family.

3. Visit the zoo

Visiting the zoo with your family in the springtime is a way to see all of the new baby animals that have just been born and teach your kids about the circle of life. You’ll get to see elephants, giraffes, lions, and monkeys and it’s an educational trip for the kids as well. If you do not have a zoo near you, look for a petting zoo as these are fun too!

4. Plant a garden

Growing a vegetable or flower garden in your own backyard is a way to teach your family about being eco-friendly and eating healthy. Food tastes better when you know you’ve had a part in growing it and it teaches your kids to appreciate the value of food. If your yard doesn’t have room for a garden patch you can start a container garden or even find a community garden in your neighborhood where you can secure a patch of land for your family to garden.

5. Make sidewalk chalk art

Have your kids get in touch with their artistic side by handing them a box of sidewalk chalk. You can play hopscotch in the driveway, draw pictures and fun designs or make up games to play with each other. Wet the chalk for more vibrant colors and a smoother texture. Another fun thing to do with sidewalk chalk is to find shadows of objects on the sidewalk and have your child outline the shadow and then have fun coloring it in!

6. Go horseback riding

Kids love the experience of horseback riding because it’s not something you get to do every day. They get to learn about the horses and how they are cared for and it’s fun to walk or trot with your horse and learn the signals for guiding your horse. It’s an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Also, depending on where you go horseback riding, you might be able to take in some spectacular views.

7. Take a trip to the museum

Spend the day at a science or art museum with the kids and let their imagination go wild as they learn and explore while building their curiosity. A museum with interactive exhibits will keep kids’ attention as they get some hands-on learning and discovery and they’re fun for adults too. Encourage your kids to ask questions and participate in any tours, programs, or activities. When you get home, ask your kids about their favorite and least favorite museum exhibits and talk about the different things you got to see.

8. Go on a nature walk

Going on a nature walk with your family will have them getting active and getting in touch with mother earth. A nature walk is very calm and relaxing and can help kids improve their ability to concentrate. Have your kids point out the different kinds of plants, birds, and insects they see. Encourage them to focus on their different senses and pay attention to the different sights, sounds, and smells around them. You can also bring a camera to take pictures of flowers and birds; then when you get home, you can look them up on the internet to try to identify the different species.

9. Camp out in your backyard

You don’t have to leave home to have some fun in the spring. Use your own backyard for a family campout and you’ll be thankful you still get to use your own bathroom and kitchen. No campout is complete without a large tent, some sleeping bags, flashlights and s’mores! Gather all of your regular camping essentials for an authentic experience. Plan some fun outdoor games and activities and bring plenty of snacks so you won’t have to make too many trips indoors. While you’re at it, go for a hike around the neighborhood and explore some roads you haven’t traveled before. Once it gets dark at night, lay out the sleeping bags and gaze up at the stars to end your memorable family camp out.

9. Take a family road trip

For your spring break consider taking the family on a road trip to the beach, lake, mountains or any place that will be a new experience for your children. A road trip is an adventure in itself as you can stop at different landmarks along the way to your destination. For a relaxing road trip, make sure you pack the essentials like snacks, toys, a first aid kit, and some comfortable clothes.

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