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Share the Love- Shipping Love Notes

Posted by Bill DAlessandro on

Well, they tell me it’s my turn to write a blog?  What is a blog?  Hmmmm so many thoughts come to mind, or do they? I guess I’m the guy with very few words… but here goes nothing….

Have you ever had that feeling that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside? Just out of nowhere when someone unexpectedly tells you “Thanks” or “You’re awesome”? The feeling of satisfaction or the feeling that comes with knowing that you do make difference in someone’s day to day routine?

We all love that feeling…. And it takes just a few simple words of gratitude or encouragement or a simple hello. It takes so little time to brighten someone’s day, so as the shipping manager here at Rockin Green, I would like to see if we can put pep in the step of our shipping team. Let’s help them feel the love that our awesome customers share with the rest of the world every single day… When placing your next Rockin Green order leave a note for the Shipping Team.  Let Eddie and Joe know how you much you appreciate their shipping powers, who knows that smile that you put on their face just might get you a little something extra in return for the smile. We all know a person with a smile on their face is a Happy person. I would like to personally start off the chain of kindness by saying “Thank you for being a loyal and valued customer, without you there would be no beat to our drum and every good rock band needs to have a good drum beat- so Rock On and Thank You”

Kevin Hurst, Rockin Green LLC

Shipping Manager

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