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Plant a Family Garden with These 7 Tips

Posted by Guest Blogger on

Plant a Family GardenGardening is a fantastic way to bond as a family AND learn about respecting our environment. We learn the value of hard work and how to generous our Earth can be. Plus, you get to dine on the efforts of your labor! Here are some helpful tips for growing a garden with your family.

1. Make it exciting

Garden is a slow process. It might take a month to see any results. So you have to find ways to make it fun. If your son likes bugs, tell him about all the critters you’ll come across. If your daughter likes flowers, make sure to plant her favorite colors.

2. For younger kids, skip all the digging

Your kids might be put off with how much tilling is necessary before you can begin seeding. If they’re young, it might just seem like work. Prepare the soil for them so they can plant the seeds and water them regularly.

3. Include wildlife into your garden

A proper garden wouldn’t be complete without some animals! Add a birdbath and birdfeeder to encourage birds to stop by. You could even dig a small pond and line it with rocks for fish. If you have plenty of space, include an outdoor rabbit cage or even a chicken! Kids will love to experience and learn about the animals.

4. Pick up some child-sized tools

If you ask your kids to use a full-sized shovel, they are going to feel encumbered and overwhelmed, which will lead to disinterest. Grab some hoes, rakes, spades, water cans, and of course their very own pair of personalized gloves.

5. Get digital!

Kids love computers these days, so use them to your advantage. Check out garden ideas and arrangements on Pinterest. Use a garden calendar or app to keep track of your plants. Older kids can find ways online to tackle bigger projects, like making a sundial, chicken coop, or even solar panels.

6. Choose plants that are easy

At first, you want to have some successes so the kids are likely to keep working. Choose plants like sunflowers, lettuce, tomatoes, peas, and squash. This way they’ll have some early victories and will feel empowered to keep working.

7. Eat what you grow!

When you’ve grown something worth picking, make sure it shows up on the dinner table. This will help teach kids the value of their hard work and how they can enjoy the benefits. Ask them how you all can work to make the food bigger and tastier next time.

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