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How to Ease Your Family Into Healthy Eating

Posted by Kim Giraldo on

ease into healthy eatingMany of use aren’t eating as healthy as we should be. Every year we all seem to vow to eat better – usually at New Years and just before beach season. The reason many of us can’t stick to healthier plans is because we try to do too much at once. We throw out all the things we love and fill our house with healthy, but often less tasty foods. The trick is to ease ourselves into a healthy regimen so we don’t feel the shock.

Eat seasonal and local foods.

If you eat foods that are grown in your own community, you’ll get the freshest of the fresh, which is usually the best tasting. You’ll also get the most nutrients and the fewest harmful chemicals. This way, when you do eat healthy, it’s really healthy.

Drink lots and lots of water.

Most of us don’t drink as much water as we’re supposed to. Filling our bellies with water is a simple and cost-free way of suppressing those hunger-not-hunger cravings (you know, when you want something to eat even though you aren’t really hungry).

Allow an occasional treat.

If you deprive yourself entirely of all the foods you like, your mind will obsess over them. Eventually you won’t be able to withstand the craving and you’ll binge. If you allow the occasional favorite, you’ll keep them off your mind.

Eat the healthy stuff first.

Often in our excitement, we eat the tasty stuff off our plates first. That steak looks great – shouldn’t waste it, right? When we get to the stuff we should be eating, we aren’t as hungry as we were a minute ago so we don’t feel inclined to bother. Get the healthy stuff in your body first.

Experiment with different flavors.

Just because you dislike raw carrots doesn’t mean carrots can’t be tasty. There are lots of recipes out there that create incredible combinations, even with the things you don’t like. Mess around with a few recipes that include healthy options.

Add up the number of times you eat out.

Honestly calculate the number of times you eat at restaurants or pick up takeout during an average week. These are most likely the instances where you eat the least healthy ingredients (after all, these meals are designed for taste). Cut out 20% of these meals for a few months. Then drop that number to 40%, etc. This way you won’t feel like you’re giving everything up.

Do it as a group.

One of the easiest ways to change any behavior is work together with a team of people. If you’re having a weak day, someone else could be having a strong day and motivate you to stay on track, or the other way around. Help is always good.

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