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Eco-Friendly Play: Activities with Cardboard Boxes

cardboard box playWhen it comes to a child’s playtime, it doesn’t take much for them to find enjoyment and get creative with how they do it. Thankfully for parents, this makes it a lot easier for us to find ways to amuse and entertain our kids. One very inexpensive and simple way to provide this entertainment for them is with the use of cardboard boxes. Since cardboard boxes can be reshaped into a bunch of different structures and shapes, your child can have a blast with a variety of ideas. Here are some creative things they can do with a few cardboard boxes:


Building a maze out of cardboard boxes may take a bunch of boxes and just as much creativity, but it will all be worth it in the end. This can be done by creating at least a dozen cube compartments that are all attached at the corners. Each compartment will have a tunnel cut out of it in order to allow your child to crawl through it. A maze is not only a lengthy project that you and your children can create together, but it’s a great way for kids to develop problem solving skills in the process.


If you have a family pet, you and your child can work together to build a cute little indoor house for them from cardboard boxes. If you keep it simple and just use a single cardboard box, all that will be needed is a door-hole where your dog or cat can enter and exit the house. If the box is big enough, you can even put a comfortable blanket inside and let your child hang out in it as well with their pet. Another creative idea is letting your kids decorate the outside of the box as well.

Lemonade Stand

Creating a lemonade stand out of cardboard boxes is not only a creative use for them, but it also give your child a way to run their own little business for a day. Since the stand will need to support all the ingredients to produce the lemonade, you’ll want to use very thick, sturdy cardboard that won’t bend or collapse. Also, since drawing on cardboard is so easy, your child can decorate the outside of the stand very easily however they’d like.


Kids love to build their own forts to play in, and cardboard boxes will allow them to do this a lot easier and with sturdier material. By setting up the boxes as a fort or as a teepee design, your child will have their own boxed-in area to hang out and play. You can even drape a blanket over top of the fort for an extra touch.

custom designed playroomsGuest Blog by Karri Bowen-Poole, Founder of Smart Playrooms

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Smart Playrooms works to encourage kids to get back to the basics of play, using their creative side for art projects and imaginary play. Stressing that less is more, they help moms focus on the toys that will add to the experience. Some moms ask them to help organize their home, but Karri and Chris really like the idea of using their educational backgrounds to create custom designed playrooms. Plus, this gives them a niche in the market. Former teachers setting up your playroom – what could be better!

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