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8 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe During Sports Activities

kids sports safetyIf your kids are like mine, they enjoy organized sports. Sports are a great part of childhood; it’s good for their physical, emotional, and social development. Of course we always have to consider safety. Here’s how:

1. Take your child for a physical

Many organized teams (local town teams and school teams) require a sports physical before your child is cleared to play. They just want to make sure there aren’t any hidden problems that would be exacerbated by playing sports. Even if the team doesn’t require one, kids need a yearly physical anyway.

2. Make sure someone is responsible for the kids

Before dropping your kids off at a field, make sure someone is in charge. Often this is the coach or a manager. The umpire or referee is usually not watching out for the safety of the children. After a while of playing on the same team, parents will interact with each other and look out for the children, but don’t assume this.

3. Bring the right emergency supplies

Accidents happen, especially when you’re playing rough. Make sure someone has an emergency medical kit with them. This kit should include band aids, iodine, compression bandages, ice packs, aspirin, and maybe even a splint.

4. Make sure your child warms up

It’s important to warm up one’s body before beginning strenuous activity. Have your child stretch and do some light jogging before they begin to play hard so the muscles become warmer and more flexible. Do the same as a cool-down.

5. Teach proper techniques

Certain motions can do a lot of damage to our bodies, so it’s important the kids learn to play the game correctly. Ideally the coach should be ensuring this, but parents should watch too. For example, throwing a baseball improperly can do serious short-term and even long-term damage to one’s arm. Each sport has their own motions and techniques that need to be performed properly.

6. Use proper equipment

Make your kids bring and wear the right equipment for the game they’re playing. You don’t have to load them up with extra equipment, just the right gear for the sport. Some games require different equipment than others, so ask the coach if you aren’t sure what your child need.

7. Ensure everyone is eating healthy and drinking water

Dehydration is a common problem in organized sports. Kids get excited and forget to drink water. Send your kid with a large water bottle for each game. If they’re playing in a tournament, they need enough for the day. Also stock everyone up with healthy snacks for energy.

8. Background check the coach

If this is the first time your child will be playing beneath the coach, do a simple background check by asking other parents their opinions. Is he concerned about safety, or does he do anything to win? Does she respond to medical emergencies or tell kids to “walk it off?”

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Photo Credit: USAG-Humphreys via Compfight cc

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