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8 Essential Tips for Back to School Clothes Shopping

Back to School Clothes Shopping

Back to school clothes shopping can either be very easy or very difficult. For some families it can be a fun bonding activity but for others it’s one of the most stressful times of the year. Let us give you 8 tips to help you know what you need before you go out shopping so you have one less thing to worry to avoid a shopping nightmare.

  1. If you have friends with children, ask to go through their old clothes and let them look at yours. Everyone can pick out their best hand-me-downs and you can swap your gently used clothes for some for your own children. This more than likely will cost nothing!

  2. For the clothes that you don’t swap with friends, you can next take them to your local consignment shop. They’ll go through your clothes as well, and make you an offer for what they want.

  3. Now that you’ve gone through most of your options getting something of value from old clothes, consider donating the rest to a charitable cause. Someone, somewhere will enjoy your clothing. Other than simply being the right thing to do, you also benefit by keeping your closets clutter free!

  4. Once you’ve exhausted your options for free clothes, decide how much money you are willing or able to spend. Going in with a number in mind will help you stick to your budget.

  5. Pick the right time to go shopping. There are off peak times toward the end of seasons where when stores will be trying to dump their inventory. Of course, this might be a little more inconvenient but shopping during these times can save you a surprising amount of money.

  6. Your kids will definitely be begging for the newest brand name clothing without so much as even glancing at the price tag. Give them a strict limit of one expensive item that’ll make them feel confident on the first day! This compromise will keep both the kids and your wallet happy.

  7. Seek out the sales racks. It can be hit or miss depending on the store and your luck, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look.

  8. Avoid expensive stores. If you go to stores that have mostly clothes within your price range you won’t even have other temptations.

If you use a little creativity your children can be the best dressed at school without breaking the bank!

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