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8 Clean Up Tips for the Potty Training Stage

Potty Training Clean Up TipsOne of the first tips any parenting expert will tell you about potty training is to put your kids in pull ups right away. They’ll enjoy the freedom of wearing big-kid clothing, plus they’ll learn the feeling of being wet and since that isn’t very comfortable, they’ll seek to use the potty.

We’re a cloth diapering family, but just because I’m willing to clean a child’s mess doesn’t mean I want to! Here are some clean up tips for the potty training days.

1. Avoid foods that cause problems – If your child enjoys foods that cause messy diapers, you’ll want to pass on those until potty training has reached a rhythm. This usually includes anything spicy.

2. Prompt them often – The first step to cleaning a mess is making sure it doesn’t happen. Prompt your kids often to use the potty, even if they went recently. You need them to associate the feeling of having to go with using the toilet.

3. For clothing with urine – These items can go right into the washer without any preparation. Make sure to use a hot setting and a detergent like our Rockin’ Green which has enzymes to break down organic matter. If ammonia smell persists, use a product like Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer to treat the affected area.