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7 Potty Learning Tips to Get Kids Out of Diapers

potty learning tipsToilet learning is a big part of growing up. Your little one is beginning to control of his own body and take some care of himself. Not to mention that it means diaper changing days are coming to a close! Unfortunately, it also causes some tension in some families and it’s not always an easy task. Here are some tips to help.

1. Get the timing right.

Using the potty is a big lifestyle change. That means your kid has to want to use the potty. If you feel like your child hasn’t learned to use the potty soon enough, don’t worry. Your child won’t be in diapers forever. However, this means you have to capitalize on those moments when your kid is interested. Don’t put pressure on you or your baby because other people are telling you it’s time. Only you know when your baby is ready.

2. Load on the praise.

Children learn far better from positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement. Praise any action that brings you closer to potty usage, like informing you than he needs to go, or even informing you right after he just went. Compliment the action, not the child. Instead of “You’re such a good boy” make sure to include the behavior, like “It’s so good of you to tell me when you have to go.”

3. Figure out what’s frightening.

Some kids are afraid of using the toilet for various reasons. It’s unfamiliar, they don’t like the bathroom, it cold and hard, etc. You need to figure out exactly what feeling is pushing against your motivation and deal with it accordingly.

4. Find the right bribe.

Since potty learning is a skill and not something abstract (like hard work or commitment), bribing is quite alright. You’ll have to find that item that’s cheap enough to dole out frequently, but it has to be something your kid likes. Simple gifts like M&Ms and Cheerios often work because you can present them in a fashion that makes them feel like a gift, but some kids might need stickers or marbles, or whatever gets them excited.

5. It’s all about the attitude.

For the same reason you and I have a hard time learning something when we’re frustrated, so do our children. It’s tough for little minds to concentrate on something new when they’re upset. You need to make potty learning sound fun and exciting, a rite of passage into big-kid-ness. If you scold and pressure, you’ll just make the process harder for everyone.

6. Switch teachers.

If one parent is doing the majority of the teaching, switch it up. Have the other parent take a shot at it the next time. This has a tendency of lifting some of the child’s stress since the same person isn’t looming over any more. It also adds a bit of healthy social pressure. They’re more likely to make it happen if they feel several people expect it.

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