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6 Tips to Impart the Importance of Clean Living on Your Kids

Importance of Clean LivingRecycling, reusing and reducing are a huge part of living green, but a healthy body starts within. Childhood is without a doubt, the best time to instill the values of healthy living in our children. So how do you encourage them to practice a healthy lifestyle early? Here are some tips that can hopefully set the tone for a healthy lifestyle that carries into adulthood.

1. Remind them to unplug

Generation Y is absolutely in love with their tablets, cell phones, computers and everything in between. Remind them not leave their devices on the chargers overnight. In addition to reducing energy use through their mobile devices, always remind our children to turn off the lights during the day. These constant reminders will eventually shape they way they view energy use.

2. Find exciting healthy recipes

Children love feeling useful and involved when it comes to things grownups have to do. Include them when you cook dinner. This is a perfect time to introduce the benefits of specific ingredients so they don’t equate healthy eating with just boring salads when they get older. You can ask your child to find healthy recipes online. They’ll not only love being a part of the process they can learn a lot about the nutritional benefits of what they’re eating.

3. Don’t make sweets a habit

Candy, donuts, soda, and cheese are all things children like. If you make these constant parts of their diet they’ll develop a nasty habit of choosing junk food over healthy foods. Find healthy snacks that are both nutritious and delicious like granola bars, yogurt, and almonds! You can stop the sugar rush before it becomes if you don’t allow your child to form a likeness of junk foods.

4. Lead by example

Take the steps, exercise and explore healthy alternatives to foods for yourself. Children are balls of energy but if they see their parents in constant relax mode they’ll develop an inactive lifestyle as they get older. If you take a habit like dance class, or making runs to the gym, your children are more likely to exercise at their leisure as they get older too

5. Show them how to recycle

Make your children understand that we are part of an eco-system. Healthy living is much larger than juts our bodies. Recycling plays such a huge part in protecting our environment, so it’s helpful to get our kids involved with the process. Together with your children, separate the trash from plastics and paper on a regular basis. Explain to them the reasons behind recycling so they can begin to value it. Recycling helps to tremendously reduce harmful pollutants in our eco-system.

6. Make living healthy fun

There are tons of health living activities you can practice with children to make them find joy in being green. Relay races, community cleanups and active sports are some examples. Providing small incentives for consistent healthy habits is a great way to encourage a continued healthy lifestyle.

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