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6 Reasons Why Pets are Good for Kids

Posted by Bill DAlessandro on

When you make the decision to get a pet for your children, there’s a lot preparation that needs to get done. Once all the hard work is finished however, you’ll be able to enjoy this adorable new addition to the family. In addition to having a cute, lovable animal around all the time, there are plenty of other great aspects that come with it. Here are some of the benefits of getting a family pet for the kids:

1. Family Bonding

Children are typically not involved in making big decisions in the family, but having a pet allows them to be included. The family pet is everyone’s responsibility, so it allows your children to become more involved in these processes. During times like these, the pet actually brings the family together, creating a stronger bond between one another. 

2. Responsibility 

Having a new pet will instill a huge sense of responsibility in your children in ways that little chores around the house never could. They are now caring for a living, breathing animal that requires much more care and attention than laundry or bedroom chores. Making sure to keep up with their pet’s water, food, walking, grooming, and everything else will teach your child some great responsibilities early on.

3. Stress Relief 

Pets can actually be a natural stress relief for children (and parents). With the daily stresses of school and work, the best thing to come home to is a perpetually happy puppy that is excited to see you every single day. Plus, since animals are innately instinctive, they’ll likely be able to tell when you’re having a bad day or not feeling your best. This is when we need them most.

4. Active Family 

When your family gets a new pet, you’ll all undoubtedly become more active. Even if your extra activity simply comes from walking the dog, that’s still way better than nothing at all! This new addition to the family will keep you outdoors longer and more often, and the family will have a better reason to head to the local park, beach, or recreation area.

5. Health Benefits

Having a pet around the house at an early age can actually help with your child’s health as well. Experts say that children growing up around pets are less likely to develop common allergies due to the exposure to certain bacteria and allergens. Also, one study determined that children who lived with dogs were generally healthier during their first year of life, with fewer respiratory problems and less ear infections.

6. Self-Esteem 

There is actually research to suggest that kids with family pets have higher self-esteem. Pets will show unconditional love to them right back whenever kids interact, play with them, or just have a one-sided conversation. 

Written by Kim Webb, CEO and Founder of Rockin’ Green Soap

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