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6 Benefits of Preschool

While preschool isn’t a necessity, it can greatly improve your child’s social, emotional, and academic development. At a quality preschool, your child will spend the day surrounded by children his or her own age. They will play with toys, interact with one another, and engage in some structured learning under the guidance of teachers. Here are six of the benefits of sending your child to preschool.

1. Preschool is almost school.

For many children, preschool is their first opportunity to experience a structured setting with teachers and peers. Children learn valuable skills in an environment with tests, deadlines, and projects. This type of environment is halfway between all-day-play at home and full-on-learning in a classroom, which sets the foundation for the type of learning they will experience in elementary school.

2. Preschool promotes social development.

In order to learn how to behave in this big world, a child needs to feel cared for and secure. A good preschool program will nurture relationships between kids and teachers so that in this new environment of sensations, people, and activities, your child can confidentially explore.

3. Children get to make choices.

At home, it’s easy for your child to decide which toy to play with. They know which ones are their favorites and how to play the game. But in preschool, their world is constantly changing and they must learn to adapt. Maybe some new toys were brought in today, or their favorite toy is with someone else right now and they have to find another. Teachers are present to encourage interaction where you child normally wouldn’t. He might learn a new game or make a friend. He will learn to weigh his options and make choices.

4. Children learn to care for themselves.

Even though your children is monitored by a teacher, preschool comes with a lot of independence. Your child is expected to follow the classroom rules and abide by its policies. He must keep his personal belongings in his cubby, wash his hands before snack, and put away toys before moving on. His preschool may assign tasks or jobs to kids so they pitch in, like feeding the classroom hamster or passing out the milk. The best teachers will use more confident or “veteran” preschools to assist the newcomers in tasks, thus teaching lessons and creating bonds.

5. Preschool develops language.

Between the ages of three and five, a child’s vocabulary more than triples. He begins to build longer, more complex sentences and use a conversational cadence (meaning he won’t dominate a conversation and talk over other people). Teachers push this development by engaging children and asking questions that make them think. Children learn most of their language skills from each other during the day where they have more opportunities to converse and learn words than they would at home.

6. Early education is important.

The majority of brain development occurs before kindergarten, yet our society spends little time educating children during this period. That doesn’t mean we have to force our toddlers to read Greek plays, recite the state capitals, or grind out math problems, but engaging social interaction, structured stories, and simple games are far more helpful than a day of cartoons in the living room.

Written by Kim Webb, CEO and Founder of Rockin’ Green Soap

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