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5 Parent-Approved Educational Video Games

Video games are a big part of our culture these days. You probably have a game system or two at home. All your children’s friends have consoles or PC’s in their houses, so it will be tough to keep your kids away. Many video games offer nothing in terms of educational value; they’re built to distract and eat up time through mindless entertainment. If you’re going to bring video games into your home, they might as well be educational. Here are five great, parent-approved video games to help your children learn.

1. Big Brain Academy

This game challenges your kids to solve problems and cleverly estimates their probably brain mass. (In lieu of a point system, this is the measure kids would use to compete.) They can play and practice against their friends (even over the Internet) in these subjects: Math, Identify, Think, Analyze, and Memory. A neat multi-player mode lets players advance along a track as they answer questions correctly.

2. World of Zoo

This game offers a lot more creativity than other zoo simulators. Kids learn about animals and nature as they build their virtual zoos, interact with the animals, and care for them. It includes dozens of species and the animal editor lets you change the individual features. They can make their own creatures!

3. PlayStationLittleBigPlantet 2

In this game, kids expand their minds by creating their own world, solving puzzles and riddles, and then sharing their creations with an online community. They will experience the game with a lovable sock sidekick that can be customized with in-game prizes as they’re won. Some parts of the game can only be completed with help of the online community, which helps kids socialize.

4. Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

Based on your kids’ favorite Sesame Street characters, the story of this game features a monster with a problem that Cookie Monster and Elmo have to solve. The chapters of the storybook are series of mini games, obstacle races, and puzzles. The best part is that this game uses the Kinect’s camera to capture all the movements, so your child will have to be active to play.

5. Leapfrog Leapster Explorer Learning Games

The Leapster Explorer isn’t a game itself, but a handheld gaming system (like a Gameboy or iPad) for kids that can play a variety of games from a single console. There are games inspired by your child’s favorite movies, like Cars, Toy Story, and Tangled. There is also an expansive library of education games that teach math, logic, spelling, numbers, shapes, drawing, letters, and more. It can also be used as an eBook reader.

Written by Kim Webb, CEO and Founder of Rockin’ Green Soap

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