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Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Treats

gluten-free thanksgiving foodWhen the holiday of Thanksgiving comes along, the main thought on everyone’s mind is the massive amount of food. For those who prefer a gluten-free lifestyle, this holiday dinner could pose quite an issue when trying to find the right choices to eat. Luckily we’ve found some delicious gluten-free thanksgiving treats for you to try this Thanksgiving. Here are some suggestions:

Turkey with Cranberry Sauce

Turkey and cranberry sauce is a perfect combination for almost any time of the year, but it’s most well known for its reputation as a popular Thanksgiving option. To help keep this recipe fast, sear the tenderloins and get them in the oven first, then prep the shallots, thyme and cranberries and make your sauce. If you like sweeter cranberry sauce, you may want to add another tablespoon of brown sugar.

Bacon Mashed Potatoes

The only thing that could make the classic dish of mashed potatoes better is by adding bacon to your recipe! Make sure you use gluten-free bacon bits when adding this delicious treat to your mashed potatoes. Use any combination of butter and milk that you’d like to prepare this dish the way you like it. Served alongside the Thanksgiving turkey, this is sure to be a hit amongst your fellow dinner mates!

Roasted Squash and Onions

Squash is another Thanksgiving treat that gluten-free individuals will surely love to have on the Thanksgiving menu this year. Try roasting the squash as it intensifies the flavor of this food item. After you season the squash and onions with rosemary and maple, this recipe will go great with pork or turkey.

Roasted Garlic and Meyer Lemon-Rubbed Turkey

This method of preparation for your turkey is just another way to spice up this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. Mellow white miso paste is the secret ingredient in this recipe. This paste will be sure to give the turkey a mildly salted taste without having to brine or overly salt the turkey. The roasted garlic will also add a ton of flavor to your turkey.

Meringue-Topped Sweet Potato Casserole

Serving sweet potato casserole on Thanksgiving is nothing you haven’t seen before. This unique alteration however, spikes your casserole with crushed pineapple and toasted pecans. Once prepared, topping this sweet potato concoction with slightly sweet meringue not only adds a nice touch to the look of the dish, but it will surely improve the taste of an already delicious menu item. This Thanksgiving treat is absolutely filled to the brim with a handful of gluten-free options.

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